Rent one's own apartement

ATTENTION: At the moment renting private apartments is only possible in hardship cases (The Sozialamt decides about it) or if you can pay the rent by yourself by working. Anyway you need the permission by the Sozialamt first before you subscribe any rental contract.


The City of Sprockhövel is responsible for the accommodation of asylum seekers.

It is possible to rent one's own apartment within Sprockhövel - even under your own name. Therefor a special bid form has to be filled out by the landlord/owner.

The rental offer will be examined by the Sozialamt (Mrs. Nachtigall) of the Stadt Sprockhövel (Social Welfare Office), which will deal with all formalities of the contracting. The refugee consulters of the City of Sprockhövel (Sarah Biet-Sayah and Michael Bergediek) will help in doing so. Also bigger apartments can be rented together by more people. Rent deposits or contributions for cooperative building associations can be pre-financed by the Social Welfare Office which gives a loan to you that you have to pay by installments.


Checklist: Move in one's own apartment

Checklist for your relocation into your own apartment - Important informationen for moving into another apartment


Waste Separation

Waste separation - Important information for waste separation


Borrow tools

The Flüchtlingshilfe Sprockhövel gives tools for assembling and dismantling furniture. This can be borrowed for a maximum of 4 working days for free.

Which tool is currently available, can be seen here:

Tool lending Flüchtlingshilfe Sprockhövel