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Doctor/Medical Service

Ill or sick? With an attestation of the social welfare office (ask Mr. Tollnick) you can visit a doctor or a medical specialist (dentist, eye specialist, gynaecologist, internist, surgeon, orthopaedist, ...).

In a medical emergency, please call directly the rescue service: 112 (the number is free of charge, you do not need credits on your mobile phone)


Rescue Services

Police: 110

Fire department: 112

Emergency medical service/ambulance: 112


How to do an emergency call?

  1. Who is speaking? What is you full name?
  2. Where did it happen? At what place happend the problem? Where are you now?
  3. What happened? What is the problem?
  4. How many injured people are there? What kind of injuries do they have?
  5. Please wait for further questions.


List of doctors in Sprockhövel

List of doctors

List of doctors who speak for example Arabic, English, French, Persian, Russian, Turkish

List of doctos (with Knowledge of forein languages)


Blood donation

Find the next dates here.


Health Guide for asylum seekers in Germany 

Health Guide for asylum seekers in Germany


Information about vaccination

Information about vaccination