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Equal rights for women and men

Equal rights for women and men


Support for women in need – the Violence against women support hotline.

Available round the clock, 365 days a year and free of charge: the Violence against women support hotline 0800/116016 offers victims a way of receiving competent advice securely, anonymously and regardless of disability whenever they need. Our counsellors provide women with confidential support and if needed can help them find appropriate local support options in their area. This new support service thus caters to a concrete social need and plays an important role in directing victims, relatives of victims, friends and professionals to appropriate support resources.



Frauenberatung EN - Counselling for Women EN

The Frauenberatung EN (Counselling for Women EN) provides advice and support for women in the following topics

  • Urgent situations of crisis (e.g. mental strains, heavy life situations, personal crises)
  • Domestic violence; sexualized violence
  • Questions concerning themes of seperation and divorce
  • Social Counselling/Sozialberatung/existential safety
  • Questions about parental custody and right of contact and access
  • Counselling for lesbian women (e.g. coming out, discrimination at work)
  • Support for the formation of self-help groups as well as offering rooms for this purposes

The Frauenberatung EN offers specialized counselling for the topic: violence against women

  • You have a partner (brother, father, son, roommate, ...) who used violence against you or threatens you and you want to get support.
  • You want to protect you (and your children) from violence!


  • The police has been at your house and has expelled your partner from your apartment after a violence act and has banned him from return.


  • Your partner does not carry out corporal violence, but he offends or threatens you or he is excessively jealous and wants to dictate you who to meet and whom not, or you have the feeling that he controls you.


  • You are molested and threatened by harassment calls or stalking?


Counselling by phone: Tuesday and Thurday 09:30 am - 01:00 pm
Personal counselling interviews on appointment

Markgrafenstraße 6
58332 Schwelm
phone: 02336/4759091
fax 02336/4759094

Augustastraße 47
58452 Witten
phone: 02302/52596
The counselling centre is barrier-free.

Branch office Hattingen:

Bahnhofstraße 31b (Hinterhof)
45525 Hattingen
phone: 02324/594005



pro familia counselling office

Pro familia provides advice in the following fields

  • Counselling for prenatal birth checkups
  • Familiy planning
  • Medical services
  • Partnership counselling
  • Counselling for pregnant women
  • Counselling for pregnant women in difficult situations or in the event of unwanted pregnancy
  • Sexual counselling
  • Sexualized violence
  • Sexual paedagogy
  • Social- and family law
  • Contraception]
  • Menopause.


Counselling Office Schwelm 
Wilhelmstr. 45
58332 Schwelm

phone: 02336/443640 
fax: 02336/4436420 


Monday - Friday: 08:00 am - 12:00 pm and Monday and Wednesday afternoon: 03:00 pm - 06:00 pm
Consultation hour by teenagers: Wednesday 02:00 pm - 03:00 pm



Support hotline: Pregnant women in distress

Support hotline: Pregnant women in distress, phone 0800/4040020 (the call is fro free)


Counselling for pregnant women by Caritas

The counselling service for pregnant women (Schwangerenberatung der Caritas) helps you in the following fields:

  • Information, counselling and support before, during and after pregnancy and birth, up to the age of three of your child
  • Conflict counselling without issuing a counselling confirmation 
  • Holistic counselling and helping approach
  • Case-related cooperation and networking
  • Help and assistance to accomplish one's claims
  • Early helps
  • Counselling and assistance concerning social law
  • Guidance after a abortion
  • Sustainable, resource-oriented counselling and life planning including job perspectives.


Melanie Becker-Ostendorf
Sabine Niespor

Caritas Hattingen
Bahnhofstr. 23
45525 Hattingen
phone: 02324/23813
fax: 02324/21051

Office Sprockhövel
every 1st and 3rd Thursday of a month from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm
Von-Galen-Str. 7
45549 Sprockhövel
phone: 02324/77474


Angelika Beck

Caritas Schwelm
August-Bendler-Str. 14
58332 Schwelm
phone: 02336/82043
fax: 02336/15252



Informations about babys

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